• Paolo Fiorucci

    Testing Operational use of Sentinel – 2 for fire danger assessment and management in Italy

  • Giovanni Laneve

    Support Wildfire Management in Mediterranean Territories using Multi-Source Satellite Images

  • Rosa Lasaponara

    On the estimation of fire susceptibility, fire expantion and post-fire damage based on the integration of satellite, meteorological data and forecasts: the experience of firesat project.

  • Marta Yebra

    Towards comprehensive characterisation of fire danger in Australia

  • Jean-Philippe Denux

    A patch-based multisensor approach for fuel types mapping in a Mediterranean landscape

  • Peter van Velthoven

    Attribution of the role of global warming in recent forest fires in Europe

  • Diane Davies

    NASA’s Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS): Near Real-Time Global Fire Monitoring using Data from MODIS and VIIRS

  • Alexander Almer

    Airborne high resolution remote sensing for near real time forest fire detection and surveillance

  • Mariano Garcia

    Evaluating the capability of LiDAR data to measure post-fire effects using a radiative transfer modelling approach

  • Antonello Aiello

    Rheticus® Wildfires: actionable geoinformation service on burnt areas for post-fire assessment

  • J. Lizundia-Loiola

    Extending time series of burned area estimations: from Terra-MODIS 250 m to Sentinel 3-OLCI 300 m

  • Adam Leavesley

    Operational Applications of Remote-sensing for Bushfire Management

  • Joanne Hall

    Development of a Harmonized Multi-Sensor Global Active Fire Data Set: Current Status and Multi-Product Validation

  • Vassiliki Varela

    Projection of forest fire danger due to climate change in Greece

  • Dimitris Stavrakoudis

    Fully automated burned area mapping using Sentinel the multiple spectral – 2 imagery and following – spatial classification approach

  • Vince Ambrosia

    NASA Wildfire Research and Applications Efforts & Contributions to GEO-GWIS

  • Helena van Mierlo

    Unlocking the Potential for a Global Wildfire Monitoring Constellation

  • T. Partanen, M. Sofiev

    A weather-based prediction method to forecast regional emissions from wildfires in African grasslands

Dr Rosa Lasaponara (CNR-IMAA)

Istituto di metodologie per l’analisi ambientale (IMAA)
Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche (CNR)

C.da S. Loja, Zona industriale
85050 Tito Scalo (PZ)